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Making It Real

Apr 23, 2021

Today Kiki has a fun and lighthearted--totally casual--chat about nutrition research with Lindsay Carvalho & Leesa Klich - in particular, we address how to find credible research to answer your clients' burning questions!

Some on the content included in this episode...

  • Where can nutrition pros find easy-to-understand credible science-based info on 
    • Foods and how much nutrition is in them
    • Supplements - by active ingredient (nutrient) or brand quality certifications
    • Health goals and medical conditions
  • Where can nutrition pros dive into the studies themselves?
    • What’s PubMed? 
    • How do you find studies you’re looking for? 
    • How do you know the studies are high-quality?

More about our guests...

Lindsay’s love for Holistic Nutrition started after she developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2008, and she learned how much of a role good food played in her health and wellbeing.

She started her career in Molecular Biology and Genetics after graduating from Guelph University with a Bachelor of Science with Honours, working in labs doing research up until her family needed her at home. At that time, she completed the Natural Nutrition Program at CSNN in 2015 and has been integrating her knowledge of holistic nutrition with her family, friends, and clients.

Her background in Biology, Biochemistry, and Genetics has helped give her a deeper understanding of the workings of nutrition and the role it has on the body, which she now shares with the students at CSNN and Grant MacEewan University. She is a firm believer in evidence based nutrition science and brings her passion on this topic to the classroom to ensure students are up to date on current research, which enables graduates to provide the best possible recommendations to their clients.


Leesa Klich is on a mission to help credible research-based health professionals publish, share, and get found online with amazing content to build their practices and improve public health on an epic scale. Leesa combines her Master of Science degree with her love of writing and editing, and passion for learning. She’s the main creative nerd at and co-host of the podcast rEATsearch where you can hear her enthusiasm for sharing high-quality clinical studies about health and nutrition.


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